Latest News and Notes

January 12-30, 2007 . . .

  • Now that all site coding, CSS and printing issues have been resolved, I can start adding quite a bit of new content to the site.

January 1-12, 2007 . . .

  • Print preview and printing issues have now been corrected, simply by specifying in the CSS that all "overflow: auto" tags only apply to computer screen media.
  • The site layout has been revised to make it easier for search engines to crawl and index this web site. This was accomplished by getting rid of the numerous 2 pixel wide frames which were used to create the colored "borders" around the navigation and the "main" content frames. Now all page and frame colored borders are created by the cascading style sheet plus an inline style sheet within each page. These changes also force the browser's scrollbars (when needed) to be placed within the page border as well. The only browser requirements are that the browser supports CSS and supports "document.getElementById". Thus pretty much any browser which was released after the introduction of IE 5.5 should be compatible with this web site and render all pages very similarly.

Nov-Dec, 2006 . . .

  • Too busy with work to do anything except fix some typos and minor errors found by users.

October, 2006 . . .

  • Most of the Modern Photography test reports for Tamron lenses, which I picked up in Texas, have been added under the pages for those specific Tamron lenses.
  • We still have several vintage Tamron catalogs and brochures to add to this site. These items will be added later this month.

September, 2006 . . .

  • I am back from business trips to Hawaii and Texas. I had a chance to check out the library at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Amazingly, they still had both Modern Photography and Popular Photography magazine issues which went back to 1976 and 1957 respectively (as I recall)! I bought a library copy machine card and photocopied tons of test reports for older Tamron lenses plus many OEM and other brand after market lenses as well. These test reports will eventually be added to this site and should provide a nice comparison of how Tamron lenses rate against similar OEM and other after market brand lenses. Be patient...I will update this site this fall when time permits.
  • Test reports for several Adaptall-2 lenses and a few SP lenses have been added to the web site.
  • We have received a huge stack of vintage photography magazines from Kathy M. of North Carolina. Kathy's late husband, Jon, enjoyed photography and passed away not too long ago. Jon purchased many of these old magazines at yard sales. One of the magazine issues which we received has the original advertisement for Tamron's SP 70-210 F/3.5-4 zoom lens. This advertisement is now available for viewing under our "Tamron Sales Brochures" link. This magazine and advertisement was a total flashback to my high school years. I vividly recall seeing this Popular Photography magazine issue and reading Tamron's advertisement. I received this very lens for my birthday in March of the following year and took many splendid sports photos with it for my high school yearbook. This advertisement and this lens is what started my love affair with Tamron lenses over 25 years ago in 1980.

August, 2006 . . .

  • Test reports have now been posted for Tamron's original version SP 70-210 F/3.5-4 model 52A. Now you can directly compare the performance of this lens versus the performance of the later model SP 70-210 F/3.5 model 19AH as there has been considerable controversy on the web as to which lens is truly the better performer based on inherent features.
  • Have you ever wondered how zoom lenses work? We have just published an article, "What is Inside a Zoom Lens", which explains how a conventional zoom lens works. See the link at left in the site's navigation frame.
  • We have recently received copies of numerous magazine test reports and articles about many older Tamron lenses. We are greatly indebted to Neal Fortenberry of Chandler, Arizona for taking his time to photocopy these reports.
  • Thanks to a recent eBay purchase from Ernest Isip, we now have many additional vintage Tamron brochures (some in Japanese!) which will soon be added under the "Tamron Sales Brochures" section of this web site. Ernest is the first eBay seller which we have encountered who is a former employee of Tamron Industries! Ernest was with Tamron from 1987 to 1991. We are still trying to get around to scanning and adding all of these vintage brochures.
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